Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Characters on the lose!

I've started formatting my book so that I have a clear idea of the illustrations I need and where they appear. My computer has chosen this week to start playing up! When I try to 'insert' a picture it inserts an empty box - I'm beginning to wonder if computers have a sense of humour - if so, this one has a warped one!!

Or maybe the characters have gone off for a little sortie of their own, and vanished without a trace... I think I need to round them up and get them printed and bound into a book before they cause too much trouble. If they get into my 'doodle file' and interact with the characters from the doodle series anything could happen!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Coming together at last...

I've now made a start on the final illustrations for the book, so after endless random sketches it's all starting to come together. The last few pages are not yet written, but then some of the characters are sheep - and they're a bit unruly. Every book needs some mischievous characters, this one seems to have a flock of them!