Monday, February 20, 2012

Pen and paper

My writing has gone back to basics lately - using pen and paper. It make s a nice change to write with a pen in a notebook, but it wasn't nostalgia for paper that sent me back to basics it was a litter of kittens... there's nothing like turning a computer on to wake up sleepy kittens and send them wandering across a keyboard or getting into places they shouldn't, making me jump up from the keyboard to overt a disaster.

I've often debated the role of a cat, whether they inspire or distract, and I'm still going with inspire. And when they stop distracting me I'll get all those notes, written while they walked across the page - or even chewed it, and I'll turn it into a book - but right now Bumble is sitting on the tumble dryer and eyeing up where he can jump next for maximum mischief...